Ready for a brand new way to keep your it running?

What if you could see your IT health all the time, anywhere? What if your IT is working in line with your business needs? NerdyNet has launched a new Managed IT Service that will do just that. Choose a new way to grow your business cost effectively and securely. Minimize reactive issues, identify technical risks in advance – and be the winner of tomorrow.

Outstanding views over your whole IT

Seeing is believing also in terms of IT management. When you have 24/7 visibility over your whole IT it gives you keys to be one step a head of the problems. You can concentrate on having things done instead of guessing if your Windows, Mac or Linux back-end is operational.

Mobility matters – be all eyes even on the move

For the first time you can have a true mobile access to your IT. See IT issues immediately, even if you’re offsite, with any mobile device. See also the responses made to issues as they happen.

Combined scalability and cost efficiency

Get more done with your existing resources. Let your business grow without having to increase your fixed IT costs. In fact, we are confident that you can even decrease your costs while growing your operations.

We make things work – even tomorrow

With NO WORRIES you will have our professional service architect and service manager taking care of optimizing your IT processes. And making sure things get done with your business in mind. We support the existing and help you to rethink the future.

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Live visibility & monitoring – alerting, reacting and fixing

With NO WORRIES you have a complete 24/7 view over your systems and applications using the monitoring cloud API, no matter if they are Windows, Linux or Mac. With one set of passwords you can access the app also in any mobile device. Handy in a need to report the system status in a meeting real-time. And whenever there is an issue, you can leave it to the Nerds.

Encrypted backups ensuring business continuity

We will keep your data safe. With 256-bit encryption, flexible backups and various restoration technologies data loss is prevented efficiently. And with solid backups recovery is swift and effortless.

Optimizing processes and getting ready for the future

Service architect and service manager will assess the present systems, identify future risks and make suggestions for improvement. All according to your business needs – keeping your operations and development on the same track with your strategic plans.

Highest level security is the only option for us

NO WORRIES will keep your IT protected and secured from malware, ransomware and malicious traffic. Also by detecting unwanted applications and devices and preventing sever lockdowns we keep your systems up and running.

About Nerdynet

Nerdynet is a complete managed service provider

We provide complete and efficient managed IT services for a wide variety of companies in different business areas. We help you actively manage your whole infrastructure with time and cost saving solutions at your service – anywhere, anytime.

We are going to free you from your daily  IT worries. With our Managed IT Service NO WORRIES you can concentrate on making your business operations run fluently. The Nerds will take care of your IT at all times. With a complete 24/7 view of your IT you can see what is happening and what is done in case of any issues – even on the move! Forget your ordinary daily IT troubles – and sleep well at night!

Forget your Worries today!

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