Ready for a brand new way to keep your it running?

Working network is the powerhouse keeping your whole operation running. The key to success is making sure your network is working in line with your business. With NerdyNet you can choose a new way to grow your business cost effectively and increase your productivity. Minimize reactive issues, identify technical risks in advance – and be the winner of tomorrow.

Complete visibility, proactive monitoring and alerting

24/7 visibility over your network and its devices keeps us one step a head of the problems. While we garther network data along the way, proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting flags out potential problems before they even affect your network devices.

Automated troubleshooting for fast recovery

In case of any problems our automated troubleshooting tools decreases the amout of time discovering issues requiring support. At the same time automated backups of infrastructure configurations help restoring services faster. 

Greater business productivity – lower maintenance costs

Let your business grow without having to increase your fixed IT costs. With less issues to solve and fast reacting to problems you can even decrease your costs while growing your operations.

We make your network work for you – even tomorrow

The Nerds are network professionals and will take care of your network for you. We will also make sure your network works for your business. We support the existing and help you to rethink the future. No matter how far or wide your operation is aiming.

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Visibility & monitoring – alerting, reacting and fixing

With NoWorries and our tools, you can take it easy – whenever there is an issue, you can leave it to the Nerds to be fixed. You can concentrate on your business and planning your next successful moves while we keep your network doing what it is supposed to do.

Fast recovery of services in case of any problems

Usually when there is something wrong with a network, the problem is very hard to find. With NoWorries and our tools we can find the problem exeptionally fast. With automated backups of network infrastructure configurations recovering of a troubled device will take minutes rather than hours.

Optimizing processes and getting ready for the future

Our network professionals will analyze the present network, give you reports, identify future risks and make suggestions for improvement. All according to your business needs – keeping your operations and development on the same track with your strategic plans. And with real-time inventory of all the technology on your network it is easier to plan upgrades and budgets for the future. 

Make a move for the future

Don’t put your business at risk with network services that are missing critical infrastructure management components. Ask us today how you can get started with a complete solution. Leave IT to the Nerds.

About Nerdynet

Nerdynet is a complete managed service provider

We provide complete and efficient managed IT services for a wide variety of companies in different business areas. We help you actively manage your whole infrastructure with time and cost saving solutions at your service – anywhere, anytime.

We are going to free you from your daily  IT worries. With our Managed IT Service NO WORRIES you can concentrate on making your business operations run fluently. The Nerds will take care of your IT at all times. With a complete 24/7 view of your IT you can see what is happening and what is done in case of any issues – even on the move! Forget your ordinary daily IT troubles – and sleep well at night!

Forget your Worries today!

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