Nerdynet is a complete managed service provider

We provide complete and efficient managed IT services for a wide variety of companies in different business areas. We help you actively manage your whole infrastructure with time and cost saving solutions at your service – anywhere, anytime.




Our new Managed IT Service will give you a peace of mind by taking care of your worries with servers and network. You can choose a specialized service either for your whole infra or just for your servers or network. With a complete 24/7 view and monitoring, proactive measures and swift responses to arising troubles we keep your IT or network doing what it is supposed to do.

NoWorries also ensures your development is in line with your business needs. NerdyNet offers a brilliant way to keep the technical knowledge of your environment sound and ready for future expectations. Use our Service Architect & Service Manager as a service and you have experienced professionals gathering business critical data and developing your systems proactively. At the same time helping your technology budgeting and long term strategy planning.

Choose a new way to grow your business cost effectively and securely. Minimize reactive issues, identify technical risks in advance – and be the winner of tomorrow.

I want to forget my server worries.

I want to forget my network worries.


Every development project needs the best available crew to make it succeed. Our IT professionals have experience in various local and cloud projects from small development to change management in a global scale.